Thursday, December 31, 2009

You should be getting your Outdoors Card soon

Everyone who was at camp or who otherwise fished in Ontario last year should be getting their new non-resident (or resident if they are from here) Ontario Outdoors Card in the mail.

Don't throw it out! You paid $9 for this last summer!

From now on always bring your Outdoors Card when you come fishing in Ontario. We will swipe it through a machine and put a little sticker on the back and presto! you have your new fishing license! No more tedious filling out of license forms.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources made applying for the Outdoors Cards mandatory for non-residents last summer. Ontario residents have had them for about 10 years.

If you forget to bring your card or haven't got one yet you'll have to shell out another $9 to apply for a new card when you get your 2010 fishing license.

So how do you remember to bring your card when you come up to camp this season?

One person said he planned to put it with his passport since you must have those also to cross the border now.
Another idea is to put it your tackle box. We have been providing people with license holders the last couple of years; so, you could just put it in there, inside your tackle box.

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