Saturday, August 22, 2009

How wet is it? Do I need really need boots?

Yep. We're still getting those phone calls.

The rising lake level has ruined all our pier docks despite our rebuilding them several times. We've given up trying to save all but our brand new boathouse dock and that too is in jeopardy.

For guests using the now-ruined pier docks you will need to wade out on a now partially-floating dock to get into your boat. That's the way it's going to be for the rest of the season.

If you want to do this in bare feet or don't mind having soaking wet shoes all day, then don't bother to bring rubber boots.

Likewise if you don't mind having your pants muddy up to the knees from walking around the yard that has been soaked with about a hundred inches of rain, then don't bother buying rubber boots.

So how wet is it? Guests who have been here before will be familiar with an island where we dump the fish guts each day for the eagles and gulls to eat.

The top of this island can be seen just breaking the surface in the foreground
in the photo above taken last week. It's now completely submerged.

Do I really need rubber boots? Ben, our outside worker, has worn out several pairs of rubber boots this year. Jenn and Emily, our kitchen and housekeeping staff, wear nothing but boots as they go about their chores outside. I wear boots from morning 'til dark.
Believe us, when we say we're sick of them. But they are still the best footwear going.
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