Monday, April 27, 2009

Pink Lady Slipper orchids rare spring bloomers

Pink Lady Slipper Orchid
If you are coming to camp in late May or June you might be lucky enough to spot a Pink Lady Slipper Orchid growing on the shores around Red Lake.

These rare, beautiful flowers are also known as Moccasin Flowers.

They are great to photograph but care must be taken not to disturb them as they are disappearing from most areas of the world and need to be left alone.

If you do spot one, look carefully around the flower for the distinctive leaves of other plants that may not yet be flowering. This will allow you to pick a route that won't harm other orchids before getting a picture.

Usually you find just a few orchids at any one site.

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Brenda Dale said...

Lady Slippers seem to be apparently becoming so abundant, in the Sudbury area, that they are becoming weakened and almost mutant in colouration and size. I don't understand this mutation, but I see it everywhere this year as I visit the usual spots where I have seen them before. I have taken a zillion pictures of the mutants this year, and I'm totally willing to share them with anyone who wants to see them. Contact me at , please. Thanks to all who respond...Brenda