Monday, March 16, 2009

Can I take a floatplane sightseeing trip?

Norseman floatplane
We sometimes have guests who would like to take a floatplane sightseeing trip while they are staying at Bow Narrows Camp.

There are charter floatplane services in Red Lake who will land at camp, take you for a 20-minute ride around the west end of Red Lake and return.

It can be a fun sidelight to your trip at camp and if you haven't seen Northwestern Ontario from the air you are in for a treat.

You will be blown away by the numbers of lakes. There seems to be more water than land as far as the eye can see.

The cost for this varies depending on the number of people taking the trip and current fuel prices. Usually the airlines wants a minimum of 6 people before booking the trip.

My guess at the cost for the trip this summer will be $100 to $150 per person.

The plane in the photo above is the historic Norseman. This fabric-covered plane has been the workhorse of the bush since the 1940s. There are more Norseman aircraft in Red Lake than anywhere else in the world.

Red Lake holds a festival each July in honor of the Norseman. Called the Norseman Festival it attacts aviation enthusiasts from all over North America.

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