Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fishing Packages Cost Less in U.S. $

Bow Narrows fishing cabin
Our American guests are welcome to pay for their fishing packages with U.S. funds and if they do so, the package price could be substantially less, depending on the exchange rate at the time.
The U.S. dollar is currently worth quite a bit more than the Canadian. The exchange rate floats around but for quite awhile now the greenback has been bringing 15-20% more than the loonie. That means BIG savings for U.S. fishermen.
Using an exchange rate of 15% as an example, our American Plan package of $860 CDN would be just $747 US.
By the same token the Housekeeping Plan Package of $650 CDN would be $565 US.
We will pay the bank rate of exchange rate on the day you make your final payment.
You can make your final payment right now if you want and realize great savings. If you want to know what the exchange rate is and can't find it on your own, just give us a call at 807-475-7246 which is our winter phone number. Or send us an e-mail:
and ask, "What would be my package cost if I paid today?"
We'll do the math and tell you. If you like the savings the exchange rate gives you, you can give us a credit card number and your trip is paid for. In this instance it will be the exchange rate that the credit card company is giving which is usually about three per cent from what the bank will give.
Or, of course, you can just wait to make your final payment while at camp and get the exchange rate on that day.
What happens if you need to cancel your reservations later on?
If you cancel more than 60 days from the date of arrival, we will refund 100 per cent of your payment.
If you cancel less than 60 days from your date of arrival, we will refund all but $100. This is exactly the same for people who send us deposits to hold their reservations. We require $100 per person as a deposit and it is completely refundable upon 60 days notice.
Last summer American and Canadian currencies were virtually the same but most experts are predicting the U.S. dollar to be worth more for quite some time.
Our fishing packages have always been very affordable, especially when you consider Bow Narrows Camp is as remote as many fly-in camps. Our ability to make the 20-mile trip with our big, fast cabin cruiser boat instead of an expensive floatplane allows us to keep our prices low.
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Edward "Ted" Chalfant said...

Uncle Dan,
Just a short testimonial about the fishing and the atmosphere of the camp.
As early as being met at town for a beautiful ride to the lodge, guest are greated and treated like family. The memories of going to camp as a family member will last with me forever. Always being the kid to get into mischeif Dan would find something for me to do or find me a pole and a boat send me out fishing and exploring. Some of my greatest memories involve fishing on Pipestone Bay with Dan. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and if you can visit more than once it is a blessing.

Take Care.
Ted Chalfant

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