Friday, November 14, 2008

2009 Reservation Availability Up and Running

Lickety Split
If you click on the 2009 Reservation Availability in the Favorite Blog Entries at upper right, you'll see we've got all the available weeks listed for next season.
This will change daily as people with current reservations alter their plans and as other people book-in. If you are especially interested in a week that is currently booked, just e-mail us and let us know. We will then inform you if a spot comes open that week.
This year we are offering only 6-day trips instead of both 6-day and 7-day trips. (In the case of long-time 7-day guests we will still provide 7-day packages.)
We are also going to schedule groups so that about half the camp arrives Saturday and departs Friday and the other half arrives Sunday and departs Saturday.
About two-thirds of our guests already come for 6 days but sometimes they all come for the same 6 days and this creates problems getting people into and out of camp in a timely fashion.
Our boat, the Lickety Split, can carry up to 9 passengers and their gear at one time, depending on the size of the passengers and how much gear they bring.
Our new schedule means there will usually be two trips for people arriving at camp on Saturday and two on Sunday and the same for trips going to town on departure days.
In most instances, the boat will depart from camp to town at 6:15 a.m. and 8 a.m.
It takes only 35 minutes to make the 20-mile trip to town in the Lickety Split, weather permitting. So everyone can get on the road nice and early.
On Saturday the first boat from town will leave for camp at 10:30 a.m. instead of 9 a.m. as in the past. This will allow everybody to get to the beer and liquor stores that open at 10 a.m. It also will work well for people who like to spend the previous night in Dryden. Dryden has a great many nice motels. It's a 2.5-hour drive from there to Red Lake so you can easily make the drive up, even do some shopping, and catch the 10:30 a.m. boat.
The second boat will leave at 2 p.m. This will allow all those who like to spend the night at International Falls/Fort Frances to make the connection. It takes about 6 hours to drive to Red Lake from those border communities. Many folks like to cross the border in the evening because there is so little traffic at that time. They spend the night in Fort Frances and drive up to Red Lake the next day.
On Sundays our boat will leave at either 9 a.m. or 10:30 a.m., depending on demand. Since the beer and liquor stores are not open on Sunday there is no need to wait for them to open on this day and quite a few of our guests who arrive on Sunday spend the previous night in Red Lake and so are ready to go at 9 a.m.
However, if there is a large group of people who like to spend the previous night in Dryden and thus are better able to meet the 10:30 a.m. boat, then we'll schedule the pick-up for 10:30. If by chance we had lots of people who wanted to come Sunday morning, we'll make a trip at both times.
A 10:30 a.m. pickup would be better for people coming on the Housekeeping Plan if they need to buy groceries because the grocery store doesn't open until 10 a.m. that day.

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