Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Berkeley Gulp Bait Catches Walleyes

Berekely Gulp bait, the artificial bait that comes in a jar, is outperforming live bait for walleyes or at least proving its equal.
Two types of the bait are reported by our anglers to be especially deadly: the 6-inch worms and the 3-inch leeches.
These can be fished on walleye spinners or Lindy rigs (just a hook and a sinker).
I would suggest everybody bring a jar of each as well as their preferred live bait.
Walleyes are being caught everywhere now. The average size is 22-24 inches with many 28-inchers beight caught.
Lots of northern pike also are being caught, especially in the 30-39 inch size.
Lake trout are now in deep water.
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Anonymous said...

We are coming up to Red Lake the second week in July. To keep from purchasing all of Gander Mountain and to help keep the weight down what would you suggest to bring to catch both walleyes and northerns during this time?

Anonymous said...

I've been using Gulp fore two years, and it seems to outfish plastics three to one.